Sunday, March 28, 2010

Roland - CR-78

The Roland CR-78 it's an analog drum machine from the late 70s. It's a preset based drum machine but it also has user memories that allow the user to save his own patterns.

ROLAND CR-78 - HQ DEMO vintage drum machine 1978 + Sequential TOM

Text from the video :
  • The Roland CR-78 came out 1978 and was the first programmable drumbox with a microprocessor. The sounds are analog. 4 own rhythms are programmable, the other are presets. The CR-78 allows to combine 2 rhythms. Also you can cancel BASSDRUM, SNARE, CYMBAL, COWBELL / CLAVES. A little mixer allows adding GUIRO, CYMBAL and METAL BEAT.

    The CR-78 was used by Phil Collins (in the air tonight), Roxy Music (jealous guy), Visage (fade to grey), OKAY (education), and many others.

    Int the second half of the film you see the CR-78 synchronized with a Sequential Circuits TOM.
    I also used reverb from the Yamaha ProR3.

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