Wednesday, March 24, 2010

News - MFB Nanozwerg MFB Urzwerg sequencer

MFB will release a lot of new products over the next months.

Urzwerg : Analog step sequencer
Nanowerg : compact analog synth
Megawerg : Semi-modular synth, can be used as a Kraftzwerg expansion
Microwerg : Small Semi-modular synth

These two videos shows the first two releases, Urzwerg step sequencer and the Nanowerg synth

The main features of this two models are :

MFB Nanozwerg

  • Analogue VCO with four waveform shapes
  • Sub-oscillator with two octave settings
  • Analogue multimode-filter with 12dB/oct
  • LFO with “one-shot” functionality
  • Audio-input
  • Controllable by MIDI and CV/Gate
  • MSRP: 220, - Euro
MFB Urzwerg
  • CV/Gate step-sequencer
  • 32 step-controls for direct access
  • Two modes with 2 x 16 or 4 x 8 steps
  • 4 x CV/Gate-outputs (5V or 10V)
  • Adjustable gate-length
  • Continuously variable range between 1-10V
  • MSRP: 380, - Euro

MFB nanozwerg synth vs urzwerg seq

MFB nanozwerg synth vs urzwerg seq vs kraftzwerg synth

Text from the video :
  • pure analog sequencing and soundsources with MFB instruments

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More info about MFB Nanozwerg , MFB Urzwerg sequencer :


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