Friday, April 9, 2010

Moog - Memorymoog

The Moog Memorymoog was the last synth released by Moog until its come back to the business on the last decade. It's a six voice analog synthesizer with 3 oscillators per voice, 24db low-pass filter, LFO, 100 memories and more... One amazing thing is that all six voices can be stacked in unison mode so you can have 18 VCOs at the same time!!!!

Memorymoog (LAMM)

Text from the video :
  • LAMM upgrade by Rudi Linhard

    Demo of a few patches.

    Signal chain:

    Memorymoog--Eventide 2016 reverb--Prism Sound Orpheus

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Anonymous said...

The Memorymoog may have been the last synth Moog as a company released, but Bob Moog didn't work there then. He left years before and had nothing to do with the Memorymoog.

Thalassa said...

I know that.When I said Moog , I was talking about the company not about Bob Moog. Thanks for the comment :)

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