Sunday, April 4, 2010

MacBeth Synthesizers - MacBeth Mk1 Oscillator

New oscillator from MacBeth Synthesizers is on the way, this time, in 5u format ( COTK, . This video shows two prototypes been tested by Ken MacBeth. The main features of these prototypes are :

  • Multi turn knob for frequency control
  • Octave Selector
  • Five different waves available at the same time
  • Square wave with PWM
  • Sync input
  • Log and Linear frequency control
  • Glide
  • Stability control
  • Amazing sound :)

Mk1 VCO Test 2

Text from the video :
  • More test/demo of the MacBeth Mk1 Oscillator in 5U format....shown here- working with the multiturn potentiometers- also 'glide' switches in and out. Both oscillator outputs are Sawtooths....! Towards the end of this video- watch as I use the 'stability' control...

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More info about MacBeth Mk1 Oscillator :


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