Sunday, May 16, 2010

ARP - 2600 - Demo

The ARP 2600 is one the most famous synths in the synth history. The main difference between this synth and its competitors was that it's semi-modular, so you have the benefits of a pre-patched synth and part of the freedom of a modular system.

ARP 2600 part1: Sound FX

ARP 2600 pt2 : classic Lead & Bass

Text from the video :
  • Recorded through Allen&Heath ZED R16's A/D converters with no EQ or processing.
    I recently had recapped and modified my early 70's Tonus-logo ARP 2600 synthesizer. Everything works great now, plus my tech added extended FM and keyboard/LFO functions - even better than new! You can achieve these sounds using a stock 2600 as well, but mine has a few paths re-routed for convenience, also a rebuilt key-assembly, filter and PSU, an extra LFO etc.

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