Thursday, May 20, 2010

Korg - Poly-61

The Korg Poly-61 is a polyphonic synthesizer from the early 80s and It was the successor of the Korg Polysix. The main differecences betwen those models are ( according to wikipedia ) :
  • Many parameters on the Poly-61 are limited to 8 settings, whereas the Polysix has better parameter resolution
  • The Poly-61 has DCOs.
  • The Poly-61 has two oscillators versus one on the Polysix
  • The Poly-61M has MIDI
  • The Poly-61 has 64 memories, instead of 32 on the Polysix
  • The Polysix has an analog effects board, whereas the Poly-61 has no effects

KORG POLY-61 HQ SOUND DEMO - vintage synthesizer 1983

Text from the video :
  • The Korg Poly-61 is a 6-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer. It was the successor of the classic Korg Polysix. It has 2 oscillators per voice and digital parameter access - like the Poly-800, which came later. The Poly-61 has DCO's and analog 12 dB/okt. filters for every voice (unlike the Poly-800, which has a single 24 dB filter for all voices). DCO 1 has PWM. There is only one ADSR envelope for VCF and VCA.

    It also has CHORD MEMORY and an ARPGEGGIATOR - the same as featured on the Polysix.

    The original Poly-61 came without MIDI. Later models had MIDI built in. Finally, the Poly-61M was released, which had MIDI as standard.

    This video shows what a Poly-61 is capable of. I recorded the sounds without any additional effects or eq.



    Do you have a Poly-61 and want to play with the powerful sounds you are hearing here? You can get them for 11 Euros (through PayPal). I will send you the "ANALOGAUDIO1 PATCH BANK" (64 sounds) via email.
    The bank contains lush analog pads, great retro sounds, fat basses, sequencer sounds (in one word: all you are hearing in this video and some more).

    These sounds are mainly suited for electronica, techno pop, disco, dance, trance and classic electronic music (Jarre, Vangelis, etc..).

    As an experienced synth player / programmer I programmed these special sounds carefully. These sounds are not available somewhere else.

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