Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Modular Madness - MFOS Ultimate + Expander

MFOS Ultimate + Expander / MFOS Analog Sequencer

Text from the video :
  • The MFOS sequencer is driving the MFOS Ultimate.

    VCO 1and VCO 2 are patched to the Expander Multi-mode filter, the band pass out is patched to the Expander signal mixer.

    VCO3 and Noise are mixed on the Ultimate mixer and routed to the Ultimate low pass filter and filter output is routed to the Ultimate VCA

    Ultimate AR envelope is modulating low pass filter and Ultimate VCA

    Ultimate VCA is patched to the Expander Signal Mixer

    LFO1 is modulating the Cutoff frequency of the Band pass filter

    LFO2 is modulating the VCO3 Pulse Width

    Expander Signal Mixer is routed to the Epxander VCA who is modulated by Expander ADSR. The VCA is routed to the audio output.

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