Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Roland - System 700 Modular Synthesizer

  • Brand : Roland
  • Model : System 700
  • Year : 1976
  • Technology : Analog Modular
  • Synthesis Method : Subtractive , Additive.....
  • Polyphony : Monophonic / Polyphonic

Rare Chance To See and Hear Roland System 700

Text from the video :
  • So I get an email from a friend saying "Have you seen this?" I check the link and am confronted by the wonderful Roland System 700 - a beast of a modular from the late 1970's that's in immaculate condition. Of course, I'd love to buy it I say, but I suspect the final price is likely to be a tad out of my reach (it was at £18k when I looked). But its in Bath came the reply. Right then, a quick message to the seller and off I went to take a look.

    Kindly, Mark who is selling this as part of a collection for Ian Stanley, a former Tears for Fears keyboard player and producer with a long list of credits (Human League, Aha etc), invited me round to take a last look at it before it heads off to it's lucky new owner

      System 700 Facts
    • Made from 1976-1982
    • Weighs over 160KG in case
    • Originally cost over £10,000
    • Full system has 9 oscillators
    • Power is distributed using standard mains IEC connectors, but the voltage is much lower – so don't plug it in to the the mains!

    • Users include: Giorgio Moroder, Hans Zimmer, Isao Tomita and Pink Floyd

    Many thanks again to Mark for letting us take a look around. Keep an eye on some of the other stuff coming up from this collection at Mark's merchant link on eBay.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Roland System vid but maybe next time keep the camera more still as I could never get a good look at it

Anonymous said...

BTW it sounds great - so subbtle and edgy, full and rounded. This is what synthesis is all about. No wonder folks like Kraftwerk managed to get such evocative little synth lines going on, by having access to beast machinery.

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