Friday, December 5, 2008

Modular Madness - Mondo Modular 5

Mondo Modular Episode 5

Text from the video :
  • Back-in-action after a short hiatus (note new studio set-up -- but more about that in an upcoming video), I'm finally making good on some of that Herb Deutsch footage I promised a few episodes back. I figured there was no better time to do this than around the time of what would have been Bob Moog's 74th birthday (May 23rd).

    I'll post a couple of fun stories from Gershon Kingsley next time and then return to the familiar format (ie: my dorking around with my various knobs and patch cables).

    Special thanks to the Grammy folks who recently gave some money to the Moog Foundation to try and get the various papers and prototypes in Bob's old work shed in some kind of order and will hopefully see to the future preservation of.

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