Saturday, December 6, 2008

Modular Madness - Mondo Modular 6

Mondo Modular Episode 6

Text from the video :
  • A whole new set-up for the equipment and some esoteric additions to the line-up make for an episode in which audio aesthetics take a backseat to the simple reality of making sure everything is just plugged-in and working.

    So this one is not as musically pleasing as some other episodes, but I hope you still find it interesting viewing nonetheless.

    Even more equipment has arrived since this was recorded (gasp!) so the next installment should really be something...!

    Thanks as always for your patience and interest!

    Scooter McCrae

    P.S. I have tried posting replies to those nice enough to leave comments whenever I can, but more often than not they just don't register on the site so I've given up trying for now. My apologies as I'm not ignoring anybody or what they have to say.

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