Wednesday, May 6, 2009

DIY - Appendage Touch Ribbon Sequencer

Despite piano keyboard is the most extended way to control synthesizers, it's not the only one. Alternative controllers, gives you a different approach to the instrument, and also a totally new ways to perform music. For me one of the most interesting controllers are the ribbon controllers, that allow the musician a continuous and discrete control over any CV/MIDI parameter of a synth. It's similar to the way of a trombonist interacts with his instrument.

This video shows an amazing DIY ribbon controller created by Scott Stites, one of the most reputed persons on the Synth DIY comunity.

Appendage Touch Ribbon *Sequencer * - First Video (With Klee Accompaniment)

Text from the video :
  • This is a demo of a very basic application of the Appendage Touch Ribbon Sequencer I'm working on. The sequencer can be clocked, or steps can be selected by the ribbon. In this video, various step values are programmed in and accessed by the Appendage. The step voltage is driving a VCO. The slide output of the Klee is controlling filter cutoff. The TFS output of the Appendage is also controlling the cutoff of the Triple Wilson SVVCF module, which is processing a copy of the Appendage driven VCO and also the signal controlled by the Klee, which is providing the sequenced accompaniment. So, stretching two points of pressure affects the sequenced part.

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More info about Appendage Touch Ribbon Sequencer :

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